Now, now, the Los Angeles Police Department may have had some problems (ok, let's be honest, a lot of problems), but they're the first or second most professional municipal force of any city with a population between 3.6 and 3.7 million.

For a look at their official webpage, which is pretty good (aside from the fact that they used MicroSoft Frontpage, uggh, they should have known better), please click: here

Oh, and a big congrats to the new LAPD Commissioner, the author of "Turnaround", William Bratton. New York's loss is LA's gain.

On second thought, make that condolences. After a half decade of being on the wrong side of the country, Commissioner Bratton has returned to NYC.
(Here's wishing good luck to Deputy Chief Charles L. Beck.
He's got big shoes to fill).

Today, NYC got back Chief Bratton. Tomorrow... the Brooklyn Dodgers!

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